That is why every client starts with a full health, fitness and lifestyle assessment to ascertain your current health and fitness status. The assessments, along with details of your personal goals, provide me with the necessary information to plan and prepare the best training programme for you. No "off the shelf" training programmes...


Assessments include *:

  • Height & Weight

  • Resting Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

  • BMI (Not applicable to sports conditioning/athletic clients)

  • Body Composition (Skin Fold or Bioelectrical Impedance)

  • Postural Analysis

  • Waist to Hip Ratio

  • Strength

  • Flexibility & Joint Mobility Assessment

  • Muscular Power

  • Muscular Endurance

  • Lung Function

  • Predicted VO2 Max

* Assessments offered are dependent upon clients status and goals.

Whatever you want to achieve, be it running your first 5k or completing a triathlon, building muscle or developing your sports performance, maybe you want to lose weight & improve your body image, I can help you to...


We would all like a quick fix or a magic potion to get the fitness gains we desire, which is why many people jump onto the latest "6-week body blast" programme or follow the latest fad diet. Viewing health and fitness as a short term project however is the wrong approach, is your life a short term project?

Most people can lose weight in the short term but what happens when you reach your goal or your programme ends? The truth is that most of the exercise and diet regimes offered are simply not sustainable and individuals revert back to the same habits and regain the weight they lost. (plus, on average another 10%!). Cutting calories does not work in the long-term, calories are not the problem, the quality of your food is!. Weight gain is influenced by many different factors that determine what, when and how you eat, (think food processing, marketing and availability) because of this weight loss can be difficult to maintain. To maintain weight loss in the long term the quality of what you eat is paramount as this has a major impact upon the hormones that drive fat storage. 

The key to a successful training programme is to get the body to a point where exercise and better nutrition is not an extraordinary event or a short-term project but a lifestyle change. To do this a training programme has to be more than just exercise and cutting calories, it should give equal consideration to lifestyle, good nutritional habits and psychological well-being. Keeping fitness gains beyond the initial programme requires a holistic approach to encourage permanent change

Copyright © Justin Magner 2015 - 2019

Copyright © Justin Magner 2015 - 2019

This is where I offer the opportunity for more than just traditional personal training. What I offer is the opportunity for Lifestyle Adjustment to support the attainment of individual goals. This approach provides a clear framework of support and resources within 4 distinct Life Zones to create the opportunity for lifelong peak fitness.  

If you have tried training before and not achieved your goals, if you have tried to lose (or gain) weight and not achieved your desired target then this is the approach for you. 

The Lifestyle Adjustment model is both a visual representation and a practical resource that focuses on key areas that can be adjusted within 4 distinct life zones to create the opportunity for lifelong peak fitness. Each zone has a vital role to play in the holistic health and fitness of each client and offers different techniques and resources to support the attainment of individual goals. 

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